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    Bleh, it's hard enough just getting people to take a moment to tack a name onto an award sometimes, having them write an example of when this member was the "funniest member" probably won't add many points to motivation. The truth is the Award Ceremony leans a lot more to the popularity contest side. It's not meant to be taken seriously and bogged down by rules and restrictions, it's meant to be free, fun, and easy. At least, since their restart during my time in the Clan. We already have a lot of ways to recognize achievements in a serious way, we have medals, promotions, Division Leadership positions, tournaments, forum boards, all which are managed pretty carefully. The awards are a chance where people can simply show appreciation for the sake of appreciation itself. It's a free spirited event, and therefore only needs to be regulated just enough to make sure it doesn't get stale and redundant. That's the way I see it anyway.
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    This, i have used basically the same list for quite awhile now. Revitalizing that list im sure will solve some of the things we are talking about here and also spark some new intrest. now what i do not want to do is....have a list of 75 awards that people feel like its an overwhelming chore to try and select a member for each one. I would still think it best to keep the list somewhat precise.
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    Don't you mean Senate where every gaming Division has the same vote power? If you employed an Electoral College system(which is based off Senate + House representation), D2 would still kick some major butt because their collective influence is 40% of the clan, hence 40% of the entire vote. Unless the entire clan banded together to vote one way(which is very difficult), D2 would nearly always win unless their vote power was equal to another Division(in which case smaller Divisions who vote the same way can outvote much larger Divisions). The problem is these awards are basically off a popularity contest and since D2 is a huge plurality of the clan, they most often win. Frankly I like it how it is. If you don't like D2 influence, recruit for your main game and heck, become an OD politician(in which case I'll skewer you like I do real life politicians).
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    It's not so much an issue with D2 as much as it is an issue with how majority consent works. INB4 Electoral College is implemented in OD.
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    OD addiction is strong, might be worse than trying to quit smoking =p.