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    I've never been this ashamed on behalf of our country since Justin Bieber.
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    Every day, I wash pedal Pedal so dirty, not so shiny metal Must wash pedal clean Me and my pedal washing team Bucket and brush full of water To scrub pedal clean while day get hotter Once pedal clean it make me so happy Now all pedal clean, time to take nappy.
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    Good luck with your teams everyone.
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    Where are ya getting this info from? There is no blue post @ https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/12790218/
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    @CoffeeBean(OD) Since it was suggested in the OP that you may be into books or at least a reader, I would highly advise checking out the Necroscope Series by Brian Lumley, I think it's the best Vampire series ever (books, movie, graphic novel, everything) and there are enough books in the series to keep you occupied for some time. Best part, they can be found used on amazon for like 7 cents. Edit: And of course I wish you a speedy recovery.
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    This is beginning to sound a lot like an eval thread.. What's your favorite thing to do outside of OD related events? How did you find OD and what is the main thing that keeps you motivated to continue playing here? What is your favorite drink 😉 Scale of 1-10, how much do you like snow (hehehehe)
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    I'll be running a Necromancer and am in Central and usually available evenings and weekends. I can commit to being ready right at season start and to spending plenty of time playing that weekend! I would like to group with anyone who can also commit but would be especially enjoy grouping with @Raged(OD) or @mrxinu(OD) or anyone else active who I'd be a good fit for their team! Thanks, John aka Zaynder(OD)
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    Hey @xjuggalox(OD) it would have probably been more appropriate to post this in the Diablo II forum. I will see if I can have someone move it for you. 🙂 @Terra @Aerineth(OD) or @Badboi(OD) could you help us out? -Raged(OD)😁
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    Yes! So there are 4 different of Star Wars Trilogies. Star Wars 1-3 A Star Wars Story (Rogue One, Solo, & Boba Fett) Star Wars 4-6 (Original) Star Wars 7-9 (9 yet to be released) If I compare Solo to Rogue One, I’d say I enjoyed Rogue One. Still worth the trip to the movies though. On an acting level, I didn’t think Young Han sold me. However, Donald Glover and Kalessi stole the show.
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    Welcome to the clan! If you ever start playing D3 my battletag is RagedOD#1301. ☺️ -Raged(OD)😁
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    I wish there had been an official reset notice, but sadly there hasn't been. Pure speculation that it will be June 13. One can only hope though. 🙂
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    sadly i can only play nights :( otherwise i would roll with a team as a bo barb
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    I think this was reset on Europe...
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    You can check the general expectations for each rank on the forum here if you go to the Clan Info board and look up the Overdosed Guide to Everything. Beyond that you can let your Division leaders know that you are interested in advancing and ask them if there is anything you can do for the division to earn it.
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    Hahah! Darth Narayah stands tall! Loving this game. Thanks, Dave, for the warm welcome and the help so far! ❤️
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    If Vegas doesnt win in its inaugural year I will delete my lvl 99.
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    Welcome to OD!, Maybe I will hangz with Disco and You on HC after the reset.
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    Herr CoffeeBean and my Frau
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    ya made the thread too early ray goddamit it hasnt even been announced yet 🤦‍♂️
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    aw shucks, i thought i had her , and there you go popping my bubble.
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