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    Commanders Aerineth and Badboi & Major General Ghost
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    Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
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    Terror’s Downfall *Author’s Note: Buzrael – @Bumpykins(OD) (The Paladin) S’assina – @Sassy (The Amazon) Pushanti – @Purplez(OD)) (The Sorceress) Nythar – @Nymathin(OD)(OD) (The Barbarian) Ratoic – @Ray(OD)OD) (The Necromancer) Armoo – @MooMoo(OD)(OD) (The Cow King) “That’s why we should unite; only our combined strength can take down the Lord of Terror!” The Paladin known as Buzrael has been trying to convince Pushanti to join him in taking down Diablo. “Your skill and knowledge of magic will prove invaluable.” The Sorceress thought for a few seconds; she wanted something in exchange. Suddenly, she produced a blank scroll, a plume, and purple ink. Pushanti handed them to Buzrael. “What am I to do with these?” Pushanti grinned. “Write something pertaining to the color purple, and I shall assist you.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the two eventually started making their way through the wilderness, Buzrael could hear the sounds of shouting and clashing of metal; there was a battle nearby. They rushed to the scene of what turned out to be large, muscular figures slaughtering each other for the glory of their respective clans. The Sorceress shook her head. “Barbarians…They love nothing but war.” The battle ended quickly, but the duo waited until it was truly safe to get closer the warfront. Corpses and critically injured warriors riddled the area. A Barbarian wrapped in a cloak was dragging his brethren into a hut that was in view, the heroes quietly followed. Pushanti asked “what do you think he could be doing?” “Well, from what I’ve heard, they draw their strength from totemic spirits.” Buzreal replied. “Perhaps he’ll heal them with some sort of ritual?” “Nythar, Barbarian of the East.” The hulking figure appeared behind them out of the blue. Pushanti was startled. “How did you get behind us so quickly?” Nythar flexed his muscles. “I leaped.” The pair asked Nythar to join them on their quest. He agreed; his reasoning being “I want to travel across the land, searching far and wide for the Lord of Terror.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Days later, the trio found their way in the jungle, the home of the Amazonian tribes. Upon entering one of their cities, Nythar noticed an Amazon sitting on the site of the street drinking barrels of wine. “S’assina, is that you?” She sluggishly turned her head to the group “Nythar, usually I’d be please after seeing an old friend of mine, but you can CLEARLY see that I’m busy having a drink. Now GO AWAY.” Nythar turned to his companions “Don’t worry, I know what to do.” He cleared his throat and burst out into song. “The wheels on the chariot go round and round, round and round. The wheels on the chariot on-“ “SILENCE NYTHARRRR!” S’assina was now not only drunk, but also enraged. “That chant brings me nothing but pain.” She brought her fists up, ready to fight. The Barbarian sighed. “Methinks thou dost protest too much.” The Amazon passed out from the alcohol. “Let’s bring her to our camp.” S’assina eventually recovered from a dreadful hangover. To the party’s surprise, she immediately accepted their request to join them in their quest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Why is this place so dark? Even with the candles it’s poorly lit. I’m already getting the creeps.” Pushanti was hiding behind Nythar as the travelers made their way down a long spiraling stairwell. “NOT EVEN DEATH CAN SAVE YOU FROM ME.” Buzrael readied his sword and shield, Pushanti held tightly onto her staff, Nythar unsheathed his axes, and S’assina took out her shield and javelins. They quickly scanned the space, expecting to face Diablo. “Friends! friends! It was only a cruel a joke.” As the heroes turned around, the Necromancer Ratoic placed his hand on the shoulder of Buzrael and let out a crude yet hearty laugh. “I heard you guys were gathering allies to take down the Lord Of Terror. Let me join you!” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Diablo dies* The group finally took down the Prime Evil. Ratoic pulled a withered leg, a tome of town portal, and a Horadric Cube out of his satchel. “Now that we defeated the Lord of Terror, we can now try to defeat The Cow King.” Upon returning to Rogue Encampment, Ratoic created the portal that leads to The Cow King. The party entered the portal, and instantly found themselves face to face with a 14 feet cow standing on its hind legs. This cow wore a pristine crown socketed with only the rarest jewels. “I am the great, almighty, handsome, splendid, beautiful, majestic, wonderful, exhilarating, breathtaking, genius, and strong Cow King Armoo. Moo. None of you can withstand my power. Moo.” He released dozens of charged bolts which killed everyone at once as they were all nubs who had negative lightning resistance. “MoooooOOoooOOoo”, the bovine said. The End
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    Sivil, Ghost, Snickers, Badboi, & Momo
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    Now this is a story all about how @DBZ(OD) life got flipped turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how @DBZ(OD) became the Prince of @Sassy's underwear In West Philadelphia born and Raised On the Playground is where @Ray(OD) spent most of his days Chillin out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all shooting some pocket pool outside of kids schools When a couple of guys, who were up to some good Started harassing @Ray(OD) with his mini wood He got in 1 little fight and his mom got scared She said your moving in with @Purplez(OD) and @FaPa(OD) in Bel Air @Ray(OD) whistled for a cab and when it got near he saw @DBZ(OD) drivin with some underwear in his mirror If anything @Ray(OD) could say this cab was rare But he thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel Air @Ray(OD) pulled up to a house about Seven or Eight Yelled to @DBZ(OD) , "Yo homes smell the underwear" Looked at the Trunk and saw some hair It was @Sassy breaking out with no underwear
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    if you would like to join this committee please apply to the R&R squad. i know i am a bit late on the next challenge but i will work on it tomorrow.
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    any one who did not answer the roll call was removed from the squad. this committee is for the discussion of ideas to increase the membership, and to help keeping the members that we have here. since i don't like meetings as such we use the forms if you chose not participate eventually you will be removed. currently we will start to discuss the next recruitment challenge. we are open to help anyone that would like run a game or contest. we are here to help the clan dave
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    I was skeptical at first but that turned out all right by the end. =P
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    My son Bradley my 3 girls lauren Perrie-rose & lacey-Lou
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    These are some the sun rising in Portugal last year just love watching the sun come up and going down 🙂 little things please little mind ha ha ha
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    i love sunset's and sunrises 🙂 ive sent @MelodicRose(OD) loads of snaps of them 🙂 thank you cindy
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    ahh just noticed this, thanks for the support. Tournaments wouldn't go anywhere without the people participating, so its a group effort. I'm sure between @SeeD(OD) and myself, we will get you kicking names and taking ass in the moor @Sassy
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    My bot is back in the channel until the final version of the DSL script is active.
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    Welcome to the land of kpop.. if you want any other cool and catchy songs to listen to within this genre, feel free to PM me.. it's all I listen to.
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    I guess Asian cultures have their Brittney Spears types too.
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    @Sassy remember when you wanted that baby pic of me while here you go 🙂
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    There ya go me in me glasses lol @Dabomb(OD) creep 🙂
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    Hello Terra. I was just browsing the forum and ran across some guides written by you, specifically the OD guide to everything. I immediately noticed how hard that must have been and how long it must have taken and I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work. I hope we can work together in the future. Please think of me if you need someone to do something, I have time and a willingness to help, use them both.
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    Well let's see, as for skills: 20 Smite 20 Fanaticism 20 Holy Shield Do whatever with left over skill points (I like to put one in Salvation and rest in the resist auras) Gear: Weapon ~ Black Flail (Cheapest Weapon with 15 increased attack speed and 40% crushing blow) ~ Grief runeword (perferably in a phase blade): Eth + tir + Lo + mal + ral (gives 30-40% ias 340-400 damage very nice) ~ Last Wish phase blade (very expensive to make): jah + mal + jah + sur + jah + ber (gives might aura, 60-70% crushing blow, life tap on attack, fade when struck) Shield ~ 4 Socket Paladin Shield with base resists socketed with 4 perfect diamonds (just for resists) ~ Herald of Zakarum aka HoZ (+2 pala skills +2 combat skill, strength, blocking, 50 to resists) ~ Exile runeword (preferably in a ethereal elite paladin shield e.g. vortex shield, kurast shield, sacred targe): vex + ohm + ist + dol (runeword adds self-repair, defiance aura, life tap on striking, freezes target) Armor ~ Smoke runeword (2 socket body armor): nef + lum (adds 50 to resists) ~ Treachery runeword (good prebuff armor): shael + thul + lem (fade when struck, 45% ias) b ~ Guardian Angel (1 to pala skills, nice blocking and adds to max resists) ~ Chains of Honor runeword (preferably in 4 socket archon plate/dusk shroud): dol + um + ber + ist (2 to all skills, 20 strength, 65 to resists, 8% damage reduction) Helm ~ Guillaume's Face (adds 35% crushing blow, strength, faster hit recovery) ~ Harlequin Crest aka shako (2 to all skills, 10% damage reduction, stats, life) ~ Crown of Ages aka CoA (1 to all skills, fhr, 1-2 open sockets, 20-30% resists, 10-15% dr) Gloves ~ Crafted blood gloves (will always add crushing blow) ~ Venomgrip (5% crushing blow) ~ Laying of Hands aka LoH - set quality bramble mitts (adds 20% ias and 50 to fire resists) ~ Dracul's Grasp aka dracs (life tap on attack, adds 10-15 strength) Belt ~ Credendum (Set quality mithril coil) (adds 15 to resists n other stuff) ~ String of Ears aka SoE (Adds % DR) ~ Verdungo's Hearty Cord aka dungo (30-30 vitality, 10-15% DR, fhr) ~ Thundergod's Vigor aka tgods (20 strength, 20 vitality, max lightning resists, lightning absorb) Boots ~ Goblin Toe aka gob toe (adds 25% crushing blow) i like to up these to battle boots for extra defense ~ Gore Rider aka gores (30% frw, 15% crushing blow) Amulet ~ Seraph's Hymn (2 to all skills, 1-2 defensive auras) ~ Highlord's Wrath aka highlord's (1 to all skills, 20% ias, lightning resists) ~ Mara's Kaleidoscope aka mara's (2 to all skills, 5 attributes, 20-30 to all resists) Rings ~ Dwarf Star (40+ life, fire absorb, magic damage reduction) ~ Raven Frost (15-20 dex, cold absorb, cannot be frozen) - always have at least one of these equipped) ~ Wisp Projector (lightning absorb) ~ Bul-Katho's Wedding Band Ring aka bk ring (1 to all skills, life) Weapon Swap ~ Call to Arms runeword (best in 5 socket crystal sword or flail): amn + ral + mal + ist + ohm (1 to all skills, level 1-6 to battle command, 1-6 to battle orders) Shield Swap ~ Spirit Shield (preferably in a 4 socket paladin shield with low strength requirement): tal + thul + ort + amn (2 to all skills) ~ Lidless Wall (1 to all skills) ~ Sigon Shield (1 to all skills) Inventory ~ Hellfire Torch with +3 to Paladin Skill Levels (you can omit this if you decide to run uber trist to carry unid torches) (10-20 attributes and 10-20 resists) ~ Annihilus (1 to all skills, 10-20 attributes, 10-20 resists, 5-10% bonus xp gain) ~ 9x Lion Branded Grand Charms (even better if it adds life) ~ If necessary, feel free to have a bunch of charms with resist all or adds to a certain resist Stats: Strength ~ Enough to equip gear Dexterity ~ Enough to reach 75% chance of blocking CAST HOLY SHIELD FIRST to save points Vitality ~ Rest in here Energy ~ nada
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    Hello OD Gamers! After a long time, I've finally gotten around to uploading the Sassy(OD) interview. With as interesting and loved of a member as sassy is. It's 100% worth the listen. So take some time, grab a drink and listen to one of our best generals sit down for a chat. http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2018/07/09/behind-the-mic-interview-9/
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    If you convert before act 3 hell you will be stuck in nightmare expansion.
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    Hi there and welcome to Clan OD. I think you speak, type English just fine, better than a lot of people. I also don't think you can ask a stupid question. We all need answers at time, that's the fun of being in a Clan is that so many people are willing to help. You just have to ask. Here's a link to help you get around on the forum better and get to know the Clan rules.