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    these standards are tailored to worse than what casual players can push that maybe have 3 times to play a few hours of the week. we arn't conforming to just one person to just benefit them. standards need to be held and this standard is no where "fanatical" in any shape or form. playing the game is about mechanics, the whole reason for raiding. if you dont like this standard, find another gun club.
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    Times were pretty different back then. Large amounts of members brought a much more palpable sense of spam and immature fighting, the potential for "spies" from other Clans who wanted to mess up your stuff and then flood or load your channels. More than that, however, I think we are much more well-adapted to handle a large, diverse populace of members now. Members of different Divisions and ranks are represented in Admin Meetings, which went from originally just being Generals, to being Generals and Officers, to being Generals and Officers and Division Leaders, to being pretty much everyone who is invited or has a distinct reason for participating. The Rules Committee was formed which originally included an equal number of members from all ranks. Setranks became more strictly regulated, leadership has become more transparent, and the Clan as a whole has a much greater say in the promotions and advancement of every individual General. This has all come with its own set of challenges, but what it has allowed us to do is manage the interests and needs of our members in ways that no previous generations of OD were capable of, and most of our key problems of today aren't a result of trying to manage more people than we can handle, but rather it is more about trying to find that balance of flexibility against the somewhat more bureaucratic nature our processes have ended up becoming, as well as being able to better filter out the massive amounts of interests, opinions, and requests from our members and separating the good and needed ideas from those that aren't so needed. Therefore closing recruitment wouldn't really change our situation, we would still have the same problems that we struggle with daily. The heavy ratio of D2 members compare to the rest of the Clan has certainly had some noticeable effects as well, and in some aspects of the Clan does give them a leg up from other Divisions. But if you've ever seen the amount of daily disputes, trolling, and member management they have to deal with as a result of that large population, I think one would say it is a pretty fair trade-off in the end. Everyone can easily see the multitude of votes they can get in promotions and Award ceremonies, but not everyone can see the day-to-day hassles of their Division, so it is easy to mistake what they have earned as freebies handed to them on a silver platter when in actuality they work pretty hard to make sure the Division is held together with all those members. Having so many generous members willing to pitch in and help host events and games certainly helps with that too, and in that regard they are lucky to have them. So, rather than closing recruitment I think it is just more a matter of continuing to adapt and refine the way things are to better accommodate the people of the community. There are always things that could be better, and there is always room for improvement. The improvements of the past are what allow us to do what we do today, and as we continue to improve upon the flaws and systems of today, there is no telling what we'll be able to do in the future to come.
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    If you are a Staff Sgt or above and new to the voting system on our main page here's a few tips. On the main page, after you log in, there is a tab "console" Console>Promotions>Promotion list.... If you open that up, it shows who is up for promotion. You can vote to approve or deny members. Be sure to include 3 reasons why you are voting the way you are. @Terra has an excellent guide on everything, but here's the section on voting for your ease. I know I found it very confusing at first, so thought this might help. There are 20 plus people up for promotion right now. So get busy people! PS I am not asking for votes, I already have enough, this is to help people new to the console system. 2.0 Promotions Includes putting up for promotion, voting on promotions, wait times between promotions, and General Evaluations. 2.1 Putting up for promotion Promoting: Any member in the Clan can put any other member up for promotion, regardless of Division, with three exceptions --- 1. Only Division Leaders can put an MWO5 up for a tier change promotion to Officer of their own Division. If the MWO5 is not part of a Division, then they must be put up for promotion by a General --- 2. Officers can only be put up for promotion by other Officers or Generals, but once put up can be voted on by anyone. Division Leaders who are not Officers or higher must ask a General to put any of their Officers up for promotion. --- 3. Generals can only be put up for promotion through a General Evaluation process. self-promoting: Members below Officer rank are allowed to self-promote themselves if they have not received a promotion in at least 30 days, and they can provide clear examples of contributing to the Clan. Members who self-promote may not add a vote point to themselves, and may not self-promote if it would change their rank tier. Removing Promotions: Members can request their own promotion to be removed, which they can ask a General to do. As well, Generals can also remove a promotion on their own if the person is on promotion probation, or the promotion was a mistake of some kind. 2.2 Voting on Promotions In case you missed it when you were recruited, you can't ask for votes if you are up for promotion. You also can't tell other people to go positive/negative vote someone who is up. But you can let people know *when* someone is up for promotion and let them decide how to vote, and it is considered acceptable to ask someone if there is anything you can do to *earn* their vote. Positive Voting: Any member can vote on another member up for promotion, with any vote power within their limit, but 3 reasons are required in the reason field. Typical reasons can include (As provided by R.agnarok in June of 2012.) -Recruiting, being a good recruiter is most important for the clan. -Activity on forums. -Website activity by keeping 0 DSL at most times, using the console to vote for promotions/trial members, award medals, etc. -Activity on our Teamspeak Server. -Activity on the games they play that are supported in OD. -Good behavior, this includes being GM at all times and how the member handles himself towards the other members. -Helping train members to improve their skills(all games) or by giving them items to help their characters (Diablo 2 and Diablo 3). -Achieve outstanding gaming skills. -Organize and participate in tournaments or clan events. -Being a good moderator, when the member has shown capability to deal with clan disputes without abusing his moderator rights. -Taking part of General Clan Discussions on the forums and actively bringing new ideas. But should also reflect the expectation of the rank, as outlined in the rank section. Negative Voting: Any member can negative vote on another member up for promotion, with any vote power within their limit. Only 1 reason is required to negative vote, however the reason must be clear and real, and criticism provided constructively with the intent of helping them to become better. Note: All voting, whether positive or negative, should be based on what the individual has done since their last promotion, even if they failed their last promotion. It is not considered appropriate to vote for the same reasons on more than one promotion, unless there are examples of them continuing to fulfill those reasons since their last promotion. This does not count if the person's promotion was removed from the pending list, either by their request or for other reasons.
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    Just thought I would post some information gathered on the possible reset upcoming in May or June. We never really know when it's going to happen. Prior to the December 2017 ladder reset, we were given almost a month of advance notice, so it's not unreasonable to think an announcement might be forthcoming. Any reset generates renewed interest in D2. Clan OD already has over 200 members in D2. When the reset happens, we'll be overwhelmed with more recruits because traditionally Clan OD members get up and running very fast. Even though some members only want to level in the new ladder, maybe we can set up shifts for recruiters where the recruiter sits in channel for a designated period of time, say an hour, and they take the new recruits or people asking about Clan OD in channel be referred to that specific recruiter? I plan to maintain the ClanODMule account with start up gear and will be happy to help with rushes, etc. when I get a viable character up and running. I just thought we could start a discussion now and make plans. Here's a list of previous ladder reset dates: 01. Tuesday October 28, 2003 02. Wednesday July 7, 2004 03. Monday August 8, 2005 04. Monday June 25, 2007 05. Tuesday June 17, 2008 06. Tuesday March 23, 2010 07. Tuesday September 28, 2010 08. Monday March 28, 2011 09. Tuesday October 25, 2011 10. Wednesday May 2, 2012 11. Tuesday November 6, 2012 12. Tuesday May 14, 2013 13. Tuesday November 26, 2013 14. Tuesday May 27, 2014 15. Tuesday November 25, 2014 16. Tuesday May 26, 2015 17. Tuesday November 24, 2015 18. Tuesday May 17, 2016 19. Tuesday November 22, 2016 20. Tuesday May 30, 2017 21. Tuesday December 12, 2017 @Sassy @PoPs(OD) @DBZ(OD)
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    Just wanted to say congratz on the new POE division!
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    1-70 Team or Solo Race [Hard or Softcore] Act Races - this could even be set up as a relay where 1 person from each "team" runs the act and swaps off every act with the new team mate. 2, 3, or 4 man Grift Pushing. This sounds like normal run of the mill stuff - but can easily be turned into a "which group can hit the highest for the day / hour(s)" type of thing. Goblin hunting is always fun - especially when tracking down the wings and pets to collect as well.
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    I also stream SC2, Minecraft, D2, D3, and other games. I do not only stream WoW. I also cast semi - pro games for Civilization VI @MelodicRose(OD)
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    Raged you gotta chill with all these recruits sir.. Jokes aside, welcome to OD :D I'll have to hop over from FFXIV to say hello to all these new D3 faces again xD
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    Welcome @KittyFour(OD)! We are happy to have you join us, and I look forward to playing some Diablo 3 with you soon. -Raged(OD)
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    I think with D2 being such an old game that closing all recruition for it would be a bad idea. If you take a look at current members DSL's, many of the high ones are d2 members. Because there is soo many, and no minimum requirements for entry, we do get a lot, but also alot of them cycle out quickly. I think d2 is unique in this clan because it provides sheer amount of numbers where the users begin at d2 and potentially branch out to other parts of the clan. But closing it off would be detrimental. I would love to see a requirement of sorts for joining ODD2, but also i think the time to implement that has since passed, as it would be awkward to implement nowadays as there is not many clans anymore, no competition, and would highly restrict our accessibility. At a certain point too, east has only so many players, and the ones interested in joining have had exposure to the clan anyways for over a decade. At a certain point i think recruiting for ODD2 will organically taper off on its own. If Diablo 2 gets a remaster though, oh baby jesus OD better play the cards right and get on that shit quick.
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    So, it's been several weeks and we've hit the same block over and over. This roadblock isn't just a mechanical one... it's also a throughput one. DPS has been low in our raid team for a considerable time - and from speaking with members who have been here for awhile as well as past members - this is not a new issue. This needs to be addressed... We've offered to help people one on one, many of the higher end players have offered to help in runs to get people more gear, as well as going over logs to more specifically identify issues. You have all sounded off with disgruntlement about progression - managing your rotation while doing mechanics is apart of that. You have to put the effort in too, it's a two way street. That being the case, we need to start enforcing DPS requirements or we will simply never down content. These are the bare minimums required for a raid to not hit an enrage timer on average within Antorus. Normal Heroic When we do the Garothi Worldbreaker encounter [1st boss] it will the "dps check" for our raid. This is because it is as close to a Patchwerk encounter as it comes with light movement. It is a very realistic test and representation of the raids DPS. If you do not meet these minimums, you will be removed from the raid after that encounter. You will be, of course, re-invited next time so you have the opportunity to show you've improved.
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    vouched. Raids have standards... if you can't meet them, you don't down content. That's not fanatical, it's the game. If someone pulls the bare minimum I posted in any pug raid [random people in the looking for more tool] you'll get kicked...most likely mid fight. If you hate standards so much, don't play a game that has them... We took the steps forward as leadership, we reached out to help people - We already took the right steps. So... it's time for the other side to step up too.
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    I guess a testimony isn’t really needed. If people don’t know what you did, maybe you didn’t really do anything. Seems the officers in the clan now are head and shoulders above what it used to be, so whatever it is, it’s working
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    This is something that almost everyone will have a different opinion on. Parenting has changed drastically in the past 50 years, with what is "right" constantly changing (especially in the last 20 years). And who is to say that we have changed for the better. I often compare children from even 25 years ago to now and a lot of important life lessons don't seem to be as common place as they were then. I have been working as a child and youth worker for 11 years. I can say that I have dealt with very similar situations (minus the in-laws) out in the community. You said that your boy has done this before? The first time I would have told him that the behaviour was inappropriate, especially in public, and that if he did it again we would leave the restaurant. Next time he did it, I would follow through and leave with him regardless of the tantrum he pulled. Consistency is important. If I make him leave this time for this behaviour and allow/enable/ role model that behaviour in the future (or other unacceptable behaviour) then I would not be presenting a consistent message. (And I don't know you, so therefor you could be doing all of this. Just giving my opinion as asked). As for the nosey ladies, I would have said something along the lines of, "I appreciate and acknowledge your concerns. I recommend if you feel that strongly to voice your concerns aloud to the restaurant that you instead advocate your concerns to the children's services instead of wasting everyone's time. If you contact them now perhaps we can have this dealt with immediately.". I tell myself (in a sad attempt to practice it lol) to be responsive NOT reactive. "never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw. Not to liken anyone to pigs, but does makes me think of nosey immature people. Apply it as you see fit lol. I'm not trying to rag on you (sometimes I find my typing can be a little cold, but I don't mean it that way). Use this as a learning experience for everyone involved. I feel for you about the situation with your in-laws. Families can be some murky waters indeed. I hope that you are able to move past this unscathed and things calm down with you and your extended family. Best of luck mate, Crankkt
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    Just wanted to say that we appreciate what you do here in OD! I'm unsure if it gets said often, but we in FFXIV at least believe that. I have a member who wants to meet the infamous Terra and see if the robot rumors are true (lol).
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    Hey Purplez, sure thing! Knowing me I'll probably find myself "wondering" to another game or two.. haha! Right on CoffeeBean, with the whole "team" aspect of it and being on with everyone else in the WoW world on that server at the same time... it kind of lends itself to a lot of hours if you want to stay at the top/front... It was fun, but it also took a ton of time, its a straight up commitment if you're always going for server firsts and highest US/World rankings... a bunch of min/maxing and..... well I bet my boss isn't a member of OD, so running spreadsheets at work ;) Oh nice Raged! Where about in OH? I don't need to know specifics, I'm in the north central part of the state. Knite
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    Starcraft Broodwar Myself and Link will be spearheading this. Goal is to bring in 5-10 regulars before the end of April, along with hosting broodwar nights for guys who want just tune in semi casually. @Links(OD)
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    You've been turtle'd!!!
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    I'm sorry for your loss Sassy. :( I will be praying for you, and your family. If you ever need anything I'm here for ya. -Raged(OD)
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    Just the visual of Disco and Ray tied together in a 3-legged race is making me laugh! Have fun guys <3
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    Will probably start with a classic toon.
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    @Purplez(OD) is right. For example, although I live in Atlanta, I work for a firm of over 260,000 people spanning 21 countries. @RickAstley(OD), in Minneapolis, we are hiring at University of Minnesota and US Bank Stadium (Vikings). Although, I don’t know of the specific entry-level positions, we are hiring for an assistant unit controller, financial analyst, assistant HR Manager, and various food service positions ranging from Supervisor to Director. I have made recommendations in the past, but I reserve them for members who I’ve known for a while; to assertain their track record. One of these former members, is still employed with the company in Texas.
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    thank you guys just noticed this thread was in the er all night last night so thank you
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    I'm down for tonight. cmon folks no point in mfing.. ladder is over soon and items are worth almost nothing atm. come pvp or come and learn for next season! we don't bite we enjoy helping/teaching others! the more active pvpers there are the better for us all. plus we hold lots of tournaments normally not so much this ladder but on the last 3-4 we had tons of them u get fg for participating so u make fg regardless of how u do! if u get top 3 u get a lot more fg :) jared/kevin ect hold all kinds of events such as 1v1 ladders 1v1 tourneys 2v2 ladders 2v2 tourneys FFA(free for all) tourneys and the EPIC 1v7 Tourney!!!( pm dbz for the EPIC details)
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    havent missed a reset yet... count me in
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    thanks for that @Purplez(OD). Clearly I don't spend a lot of time on forums and the like lol.
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    I believe Melrak is kind of away at the moment, but I could be wrong.
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    I was tired, I apparently thought everyone was in OW.
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    If spring is here, why is it so damned cold outside!
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    I'll post some of the catfish we pull up on limb lines. My cousin pulled up a 32 pound catfish from one of our spots a couple of weekends ago.
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    Welcome to OD kitty ;)
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    Hey folks, For those players who want to get into PvP here is the list of addons I use as they are really helpful for awareness and overall use for any pvp situation: GladiatorlosSA- arena call out of specific skills such as enemy trinkets, polymorph, its like a gps system that yells at you for immediate threats to interrupt. Ominbar- enemy cool down tracker to know when you can free cast or when you can burst someone down knowing when their defensive's are down. Recount or Skada -just a damage meter and dispell tracker so you can see who is not ccing in your group or interrupting the right spells sArena- easy arena ui frame layout that tracks all diminish returns and trinkets of the enemy so you do not overlap cc This addon I'm about to mention is really cool but it bugs out a lot so its up to you if you want to DL it, its called PAB or partyabilitybars, tracks your teammates defensive cooldowns. IF YOU ARE GOING TO PVP WITH ME AND PUSH RATING IN ARENAS, PLEASE USE THESE! Thanks and see you on the battlefield. All these can be downloaded in the twitch/curse app
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    I spoke too soon, I went a did a little research and seen what they were. Pretty great idea
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    I’m curious as to what is going on in the social media piece. I guess I’m a dinosaur because I only use FB, but I found a page that didn’t look to active. I’ll try to be there to just hang out in the back and listen
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    Should be 2 hours ahead of PST. 8 PM CST = 9 PM EST | 7 PM MST | 6 PM PST
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    Applying these standards have helped and hurt. It makes you do more research with what's available. If you don't play their game you are only left with what they've posted on the forum, what others say about them in their vote, their medals, etc. In the absence of any of these other indicators, you either have to vote neutral but still state why you are voting neutral or deny. It's tough for me to deny or put what I found missing. I just want everyone to succeed.
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    Sure ill be there! I could bring up a few points regarding these topics, as I have a few questions/concerns/discussion regarding them 1) OD Newsletter (lack of updates/use) 2) Interviews (lack of updates/use) 3) Medals (recognition of new members, and the Diplomatic medal now that the clan alliances tab is no more and theres no real info on how people can attain it these days)
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    So happy to hear you are going to be ok! I was just asking somebody about you the other day. Life is so precious and we all need to savor it more. Welcome back!
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    congrats everyone!!!! keep it up!!!
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    It's an age-old tradition in classic clans to keep a log of funny moments or words that occur throughout the time in the Clan, and despite the fact that most things are voiced now instead of typed, I've tried to carry on the tradition by saving the comical moments I've had with people in OD over the years. It isn't too lengthy, because in order for something to be added onto it a. I had to be present and listening b. I had to remember I was actually saving quotes So sadly I'm sure there are many funny moments and people that got missed out. But I've gathered enough now that I can share it as the first chapter of OD Quotes, and maybe it will inspire other people to save funny moments as well and we can get a bigger collection going for next time. So these range from the really old to the fairly recent, but for those of you who need a giggle today, I hope you enjoy them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Note:aurecaskye was my AIM name)
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    I think organizational behavior classes in university are a great help, but also kind of inappropriate for leadership of a gaming clan such as this one. Common sense and genuine interest is good enough. Does my bachelor's and current masters classes make me a better leader, sure why not. But I think me being an eagle scour equivalent is just as good. This is unnecessary IMO.
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    In my opinion I would go with what TieDyeT suggests. Smackin your kid in a public setting is bound to land you in some complicated issues sooner or later that you are better off without, and is neither the only method of disciplining your kid nor the most effective. I like Purplez suggestion of taking him to the Men's room and giving him a stern talking to in private, and then when you get home stick him in a time out for a good hour and don't let him out until he apologizes and explains to you what he did wrong so that you can be sure he understands it. If it happens on more than one occasion then ground him for however long you think is needed until they get the message. Smackin a kid is the natural impulse, because it is always our impulse to lash out when we are angry, but it doesn't actually leave the lasting impression that you hope for in a lesson. Light smacks might sting for the moment but the pain disappears quick, and as does the memory of it. Making them quick to repeat the mistake, to which the natural reaction of the parent is to smack them harder, in the hopes that they'll remember a little longer, but that's a dangerous pattern to get into. The truth is the amount of physical force required to instill a long-lasting memory in your kid is pretty much the same amount of physical force needed to lose your kid to child services. The one exception is spankings, which is still widely accepted enough as a disciplinary action that you can probably smack them enough to instill some pretty potent memories without turning too many heads. But that can still be a pretty vulgar thing to do in a public setting if you'd rather not disturb other people or draw attention to yourselves. Kids get hurt all the time. They fall down, they hit each other, scrapes and bruises are a part of their every day life and despite crying for a while they are generally quick to get over it. So a little extra pain isn't going to make much difference. But the mentality of a kid is that their brain is wired to focus on fulfilling their personal desires, they don't have the more mature cognitive functions of an adult yet, their world always revolves around themselves. Aside from learning, pursuing their wants is what a kid is always doing. Therefore, taking away something that a kid desires, like TieDye suggested, that is gonna leave a lasting impression. A kid will do whatever it takes to get the things they want. Even behave.
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    I'm not gonna say you did anything wrong, normal reaction and those ladies should mind their own business it's not like you beat the snot out of him. Any way, we had better results with taking things away than smacks. A smack's not THAT much of a punishment, atleast wasn't for me as a kid. But if you take their favorite games away a few times, that punishment lasts a little longer than the pain or surprise from a smack. Every time they ask for it back, say no and remind them why they lost it, reinforcing the situation until the punishment is over. If they keep doin it then take more, our kid's had a world of nothing a few times. Once this kind of punishment was established we could usually threaten punishment to get our kid to stop something... usually.
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    I guess I am different. If my son farted in my face in public or at home I would definitely beat his ass. If at a restaurant I would have taken him to the car to do it because the punishment I provide my child is nobodies business. Firstly that is disrespectful and the kind of behavior shouldn't be tolerated or handled lightly. Secondly I would have explained that is unacceptable type of behavior and let him know if he wanted to act that way he would no longer be taking him to eat out and we would have to stay home. I think you handled the ladies fine. You didn't acknowledge it in-front of your son so that was good. You waited until he had left and then you just let them know what everyone else was probably thinking... to mind their own damn business.
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    Welcome to the clan @Recklad(OD)
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    Welcome! You will enjoy being a member of the clan. It's a fun community. Here's a couple of forum links that will get you started. Let me know if there's something I can help with. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66572-crush-suggestion/
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    Almost feel like we're the last of the Mohicans haha. Appreciate the shout out. Stay classy
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    Some of us see you, and more with the same ailments as you speak of buddy. Thanks for sticking with us, and both bringing people to play with us and to share fun with everyone. I can't do much directly today in your plight, however it is something I put effort into. I want you to know if it's any personal satisfaction, I literally within the last 36 hours shared a post of yours in a forum you cannot see, and advised some to pay more attention to the rank and your wisdom I see and respect, as I did indeed refer to your post from none other then General Sunset(OD). Respect is earned never give, we do give pixels but real rank is a position earned. PS: shit you not I called you general looool.
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    Dreanweaver is the worst you can use, it's drag and drop gui adds a lot of garbage code and it's detrimental to your learning since you won't even know how it did those things. Apanta is fine, but it's an IDE, you need to learn the difference between a text editor and an IDE, the most common text editors are notepad++, atom and sublime text. Still it depends on what language you are coding. Apanta is fine if you are only going to do html/css for now.