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  2. Do you like Pandas? If so, do they serve good Beer and would you kill the Red Pandas on FF14 for me?
  3. Ladder Reset progress

    So how is everyone doing? That reset last night didn't exactly go according to plan and ultimately screwed many people over by taking over 2 hours in what should have taken them all of 15 minutes to do. Since it took so long it basically cut my gaming time in half as I had to log off around 9:30pm(about 2 hours after servers came back online). Managed to reach level 24 and Act 5 Normal before doing so(On Hardcore btw). Almost bit the dust in Act 3 to Mephisto too(took a Lightning shot or something that took like 300 of my life lol). Going to see what I can accomplish today but as I noted above, how's everyone doing? I know Sassy got royally fucked by the delay :P
  4. new recruit

    Hey im kim, male. ahaha i play d2 for a loong time, just wanna play d2 classic and have fun with u guys, i was 93 sorc once in classic.. no bots just hard lvling XD hope we lvl hard.
  5. Hey Everyone! The next behind the mic interview will be with Triny! Once again this interview will be done by your lovely MelodicRose(OD). So don't worry. You don't have to sit here for an hour and be plagued by my voice. So once again let's fire up those brains(or what's left of them) and give @MelodicRose(OD) some questions for @Triny(OD) for her interview.
  6. Resetting Elite Squad

    There was a SC clan way back in the day, I can't remember their name, might of been [AH]...anyways they're elites that were used in clan wars had different tags, and went by Keeper-name . Was different and promoted a lot of competition between members, and ontop of that, rival clans would try to beat them in 1v1s to prove they were better then the best the clan had to offer. Might be something to look into adapting so when people join the channel, they can instantly recognize who has been dubbed "elite". Could even still utilize OD- but make it oD- or Od- I dunno just something to chew on. We should be implementing something new every so often
  7. Resetting Elite Squad

    Great post @DBZ(OD) well done i'm sure we have good few elites this reset
  8. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    yep, it is :D
  9. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    It's up!!
  10. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    good idea, i should probably bring some in to.
  11. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    yep, I just seen that :( Im going to go get some more firewood in, Ill be back soon :)
  12. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    2 min ago (Edited) Hi Adventures, We found a critical bug with IP Bans that caused every one to get a lockout for 2 hours. This wasnt picked up in QA due to special configuration on our network. We will ensure to change our testing process to make sure this doesnt happen again. In the mean time, we are resting the ladder to ensure no one is at a disadvantage. Expect down time to be another hour. Sorry and Thanks, Classic Games
  13. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Yep, Im still around and watching the blizz forums for when the gms announce all is well. Then Ill be there :D
  14. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    ok so freight around just not on ts.
  15. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Im still waiting to get in :(
  16. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    3-Miami(OD) Sorc/Pally @Miami(OD) 4-Frieght(OD) Sorc @Freight(OD) 5-Patron(OD) Amazon @Patron(OD) 6-Koftrader(OD) Pally @ can't find this dude 8-Croydayn(OD) Barb @ can't find this dude either where you guys at
  17. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Sass I didn't notice you added me to a team. I'm playing classic hardcore
  18. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

  19. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Can someone post when D2 comes back up?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Revival of Social Media!

    ;) Well now you know(ugh NBC Universal is soooo going to sue my ass on Copyright infringement).
  22. Revival of Social Media!

    I wouldn't know lol, posted
  23. Revival of Social Media!

    Pacific ;) Blizzard is always on Pacific since they're based in Southern CA.
  24. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Rdy to roll fellas!
  25. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    good luck guys 2 hr 30 mins
  26. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Id like to join a team please let me know can cover what ever roll prefer pally trap sin barb sorc
  27. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    3 hr 12 mins
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