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  2. School shootings in the U.S.

    Obviously people who go on a shooting spree of any kind have some mental health issues. But all places in the world have people with mental health issues, the United States doesn't have more than anyone else, it is more a matter of limiting the ways in which they can be a danger to themselves and others, such as restricting their ability to acquire dangerous weapons or, perhaps, not electing them as your President. But at least one of those (hopefully not both) is not likely to ever be the case for the United States. The problems with gun control are not something that are going to go away today, tomorrow, or in 50 years when the next generation phases out, it will most likely never go away because of the kind of country you are. Don't get mad, let me explain. The United States has the largest military force in the world. You are a very patriotic country. But an army needs equipment. They need grenades to throw, guns to shoot, bullets to fire, tanks, aircraft, carriers, jets, all those things need to be continuously manufactured and developed. And the largest military in the world needs a lot of them. The US Army gets these things from corporations that design and create them, often called the arms industry or defense contractors, who then sell them to the government. The arms business is so ludicrous in the US that most of these companies are very successful, very wealthy, and very powerful. But the US military are not the only people these companies sell to. They also sell to licensed shops who then sell their weaponry to the citizens of the United States, who can freely buy them thanks to flexible gun laws. Like all companies, these businesses want to protect their profits, and they invest a great amount of money on politicians and political parties who in turn promise to maintain these current gun laws, and fund campaigns that point the problem at mental health issues and a lack of security instead. These companies are wealthy and powerful enough to have considerable influence over this political agenda, and it is exceedingly unlikely that a reform will take place as long as their influence remains so strong. The arms dealer companies are also not going anywhere, they will have successors and inheritors and replacement members of their board from generation to generation, all of which who will act in the interests of the company as much or more as the people before them. Some US Senators are working to try and revoke corporate investment in politics, but that is a pretty difficult uphill battle, and even if the country were to successfully establish a reform, TieDieT is correct, it would just lead to backroom deals and black market trading, because as long as there is demand there will always be suppliers. Which the companies can easily engage in. The US government is not going to arrest or prosecute the people who supply their military. You and I may not put a price to the sacred life of an individual, but corporations and governments most certainly do. Anything that creates an imbalance in the flow of arms supplied to US military factions runs the risk of causing the United States to fall behind in the arms race with Russia, which shifts the balance of power in the world. That is a risk the US government will not take, even if the byproduct of such an action occasionally costs the lives of innocent citizens. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Depressing, yes? But don't feel alone, the effects go so much further than the United States itself. The arms manufacturing companies of the United States export outside of the US as well, in fact the United States is the #1 exporter of arms goods in the world, exporting somewhere around 30% of all the weaponry in the whole world during the last decade. Business is booming, to our allied nations for sure, but to others as well, because all those little conflicts in the middle-east and between North Korea and South Korea make for great profit margins, and these companies make a killing selling off their out-dated stock to those who will put them to good use. There will never be world peace. The US economy is heavily dependent on conflict continuing within the world. If people make peace, then people stop using weapons and munitions. If people stop using weapons and munitions, sales drop, less income from trade, less funds for weapons development, the US Military falls behind in the arms race, and the balance of power internationally could shift more towards Russia's control. The same weapons used to protect your nation will also be used to kill your citizens. The same conflicts that create terrorists that attack your country are also needed to fuel the economy of your country. The brighter the light, the greater the shadow it casts. Such is the world we live in.
  3. Martial Arts Ironman Tournament 02/20/2018

    it was a great event, I will pull the video feed from my stream later and post it on youtube so that all can watch it
  4. CRush Suggestion

    To be Crushed: Things to know!!!! Pay attention to the crusher so that things go smoother is the main key. First, you create your character make sure that you take the check out of expansion on the creation. You can create all of the characters except for Assassin and Druid. Ingame things to know: (If you die at any boss stay dead until rusher says to release so you do not miss the quest) Act1 simple just one player that needs the quest goes into the portal given by the rusher -- You can glitch Andy to be able to always have boss drops at this point. You just need to wait for the portal that automatically comes up when you take this portal and return to town. Do not talk to anyone except for Warriv which can carry you to act2. This is all that needs to be done for this glitch to work. Act2 Pay attention because the rusher may need you to go into the portal as soon as possible. Only one person needs to be doing all the movement. Preferably the one that knows the game the most and is the fastest. ---If you are the rusher do the Amulet first (Lost City + Claw viper temple2) So that the player can talk to Drognan right after you let them get the amulet. Then do the staff.(This prevents them from need palace portal) Rushee pay attention because you need to be in the arcane portal when the summoner dies or you will have to make ng or walk the tombs. For speed just be there. After placing the staff in the orifice in the tombs you can return to town and the rusher can make a tp next to the angel without talking to the angel, once the rushee has spoken to the angel it will grant the quest completion even though it said quest cant be completed. Act3 Make sure you stay put at the portal that the rusher opens here so that you can get the quest unless they state otherwise. Again if you die stay dead until told to release. Even if it says you missed the quest always attempt to talk to Cain it will sometimes grant the quest. Once you go into durance portal stay still moving around could trigger the council to come and attack you depending on where the crusher decided to put the portal. Again if you die stay dead until told to release. Act4 This is a simple thing to know as soon as you get here know what the name game should be and who is making it so that you can get out fast because once Diablo is dead there is a countdown on classic. I hope that this crush info helps people doing their crushes and knowing more about classic rushes. Thanks Print(OD) twitch.tv/printusmc oh yea I am PrintUSMC on jsp if you need to reach me outside of this forum And I can do crushes as well still working on leveling my sorc but she can do 1 to 2 people at a time
  5. Today
  6. Hey Everyone!

    nice intro, glad to see you figured it out!!! Let me know if you need any help Welcome to the clan :D
  7. ShaB(OD)

    You will find out shortly @ShaB(OD) that crows don't often fly for long around here.
  8. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to the clan man! Hope to see ya around the channel
  9. HC trap sin FT

    http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=78196026&f=98 lmk if you need would like to sell the hole char. Discount for OD members
  10. Log comparison for Heroic Antorus

    Thank you Sarnith for posting the detailed break down for us. IF anyone is in need of assistance with mechanics, or maybe has questions about this or there class in general please contact me (ts/pm/in game) and i will make sure you get assistance or will go over in detail what happened during the fight. We are all in this together, we will only get better as a whole, so we need to help each other to learn the mechanics.
  11. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to OD!
  12. Hey Everyone!

    Old school Blizzard really made some amazing hits back in the day, they still do pretty well these days every now and then too.
  13. we both know exactly who would do this LOL

    1. Dabomb(OD)


      :laughing: Right.. but the dad is a dumbass... he should have him at least rinse it. LMAO HELLLP ME!!  Such a idiot. This dad is the real MVP... fucking JACK you dumbshit.

  14. NEW ClanODMule account

    Sure I'll pm you :) Only been putting simple things on there, but was going to make some bumpers. The leaders said don't put expensive stuff on there where it will be accessible by alot of members. So if you want to crush some characters that would be awesome!
  15. School shootings in the U.S.

    it all comes down to how scared are you? are you willing to go so far to protect yourselves you overstock and build up arsenals that massive world wars would take years to consume? As a non American I see the benefits and the downsides to firearms both as a deterrent and as a recreational use. That being said what I do not find appealing is the amount of firearms per person that our neighbors down south have as to even come close to owning some of those firearms in here aside from the black market/ dark web obtaining a FAL license can be easy to pass the course well enough but after background checks on mental health and such you can get a firearm but your also on a daily police back ground check everyday if you own a FAL in Canada you have to pass a criminal record check so it slows the flow of more firearms making it onto the streets. Maybe more enforcement over the number of weapons one can own as a start then maybe start banning higher caliber fire arms cuz who the fuck needs a .50cal round to hunt a deer I understand in target shooting but those weapons should be only obtainable by athletes qualified to operate and own. But back to what I got off track on. I have never in my life felt so threatened that I had to resort to shooting anything dead as much as I have wanted to maybe try and life the veil of fear that surrounds the world more
  16. NEW ClanODMule account

    Mind tossing me the pass? I have some spare forum gold and can buy a bunch of stuff and fill up some of those mules
  17. ShaB(OD)

    @CompFreak(OD) broke it making his god damn chimichonga, I mean it was for me but we cannot attempt making popcorn with a broken door well Ive tried I now have 8 fingers on that hand. OH God im really regretting not washing my hands after I went to the bathroom on the other hand it could work out in my favor guess im playing this one as the crow flies
  18. Martial Arts Ironman Tournament 02/20/2018

    Thanks for the event! It was good to have some fun with OD members. Can't wait for Druid Bowling.
  19. Hey Everyone!

    Yea i guess it is pretty crazy but its one of the best games ive ever played and thats the truth
  20. s13 Characters and Group ups

    should be available at the beginning - Want to try a Barb this season.
  21. ISO any decent sorc ammy!

    We can check the mules tonite!
  22. NEW ClanODMule account

    Great. We can add them to the mule. I also make insights and spirit swords and shields for any that want them so save any extra socket stuff too!
  23. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    No worries. I always use the all activity daily to see what's up. I'll check mules for you when I'm on for a sorc ammy!
  24. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome. It's so crazy that someone is finding this game today around the same time I did when I was like 15ish. Here's to another 15 years of Diablo success.
  25. Hey Everyone!

    Hiyas Lank, I'm Cindy. Welcome to the fun community of Clan OD. Just give a shout if I can help with rushes or low/medium level gear. I love to share. Here's a couple of links to help you navigate the forum. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66572-crush-suggestion/
  26. Yesterday
  27. Hey Everyone!

    Hi Lank, I’m Frank. GLHF!
  28. Hey Everyone!

    Hello everyone, my name is Lank and i just want to start off my thanking you all for the chance to be apart of an awesome set of people. Im 16 years old and fairly new to Diablo but i home to play along side of all of you and learn the game as i play, I hope to meet all of you and have fun playing games with all of you.
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