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  2. hmm... the thing is @Aerineth(OD). i dont see it on my profile like ur pickture. doesnt have a "Write a public msg on your own feed..." box . thats weird. am i blind? am i not seeing this somewhere im suppose to? yea i see others posting Status updates so i thought i would do the same sometimes. but guess i cant for some odd reason. oh @PoPs(OD) thanks. but i was trying to figure out this status write on my wall problem haha sorry for the confusion ><
  3. IMore events next month i make sure some of on tue and wed nights
  4. I beg to differ Mr. Quiet Lurker, I am stealing forum whore title from you.
  5. just keep houndin him...im removing myself from the last round. back up north for 21 days :;(
  6. Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?
  7. Today
  8. No problem. That's why I, the self proclaimed forum whore and expert, am here. 😛
  9. Thanks for the clarification @Aerineth(OD)! Apologies... a bit difficult on the mobile 😉 and I misunderstood the question...
  10. This is a status message! @JR(OD)

    1. Ray(OD)


      @JR(OD) And this is Cookie.

    2. JR(OD)



      i want to do this! i cant! i dunno why hahaha i must be dumb...

  11. Definitely not the shoutbox (albeit it's there too at the top). I'm referring to the bottom of the list on the right is a place for recent status updates.. you can post your own in the box above it. Regardless of your theme, it's located in the same location and you can update your status from here. Alternatively, you can navigate to your own profile, and at the top of the page, you can post on your profile, but this is your wall, not your status update.
  12. What you can do is "post a message on your own feed", which can be done by going to your profile page and there is a text box at the bottom to post an "update". What others may be referring to is the "shoutbox" on the right hand side of the homepage, where members can message each other like a "chatroom" that all members can see...
  13. Just for info @JR(OD) heres a post to request a rank change.....you can point others to it in the future
  14. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  15. What kind of wood are you looking for sir?

  16. @Aerineth(OD) yea the latter. i cant post up any status updates on my profile like "writing on my wall". i dont see it on the right side of the forum. other then start new topic. i wonder how others are posting stuff on their page
  17. As my only nights off are tue and wed, I will not be able to make this
  18. We can grp mate. I was more so just walking through (helping new players kinda thing). But if we get 6 or so ppl we can pair off and have a race also. Make it a bit of fun
  19. Hey Pro put me down for it. Small chance i wont be around but ill post if i cant make it. Also are we able to grp or is this a single person thing? Demon Hunter 1650 para Mj3#1431
  20. Nice 2 days off work  but woke up with a banging headache ouchhhh

    1. JR(OD)


      had a lil too much to drink? 😉

      also how are u writing these status updates? i cant figure out how to do it on mine >< lol

    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      We go to our profile page and type in the box


      Feel better hun ❤

  21. Cliques ? Favoritism ? Did a search on the word "clique:, 32 hits in the forums (many over a decade old ) Favoritism also hit 32 times. In group dynamics there is never perfect justice. I liked you, Merica, a worthy competitor you are. Everyone must choose what is best for them, when you spend much time pleasing others it causes jealousies, petty or otherwise (read some of the resignations or promotion comments sometimes, instructive), Never expect justice and you may be sometimes surprised. Just not now. Sorry for the late post, important demands for my time cause me to basically lurk.
  22. Right.. forgot about that.. it's been a long day today.. 15 hours before I got home.
  23. If we get 6 or more ppl we can make this a competition also!
  24. I think he was intending the latter, but I've gone and updated his rank because he needed it... BTW, I think you need to adjust that statement regarding "4*'s+ only"... There are the occasional exceptions lol 😉 Thanks for letting us know @JR(OD)! I've gone ahead and updated your rank on the forums for you, noticing that you were still in the "Enlisted" group on the forums, but you've earned C.W.O. 3 on the main website... Unfortunately the ranks don't automatically update when people get promoted, and there is currently only @Triny(OD) and Myself outside of the commanders that have access to fix forum rankings, so if we miss you, know that it's not on purpose, so just give one of us a pm and we can get it fixed for you as soon as we can 😉 .
  25. Hari(OD)


    Added +25 to D3 MoM event
  26. Status update? Are you referring to your rank as Purplez said? Or are you looking to do a status update like on the right hand side of the forum? If it's rank, then any 4* or Commander can update it.
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